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If this is your first time to ours news service, please read the rules before you submit a news piece!
The Major Rules
Frequently Asked Questions

     Gravitywell reserves the right to edit your news piece as necessary, and or reject it if it is not completed, in error or what we consider to be spam.

Do I need to link Gravitywell in order to submit updates?
     We send you hits. You send us hits. It's a fair and equitable trade of services. We ask that you link Gravitywell in your choice of two ways.

  • The first form would be a banner (banners are here) linking to . 
  • The second form, would be a text link, with a description of what our site is in an appropriate spot.
     The link does not need to be on the front of site, we ask that you place it in an appropriate spot where we will receive hits from it. Use this for a text description:
    Gravitywell Productions publishes on-line comic books, comic strips and more daily. They have many titles, genre and talents under their umbrella. There's no registration and no pop up banners. Just free entertainment.
     Sites that refuse to link Gravitywell may have their posts rejected. 
     A link must appear on each site that is to be advertised. So if you manage more than one site, our link must be in all sites you are submitting updates for.

Will you write my update?
     Gravitywell will not write a news update for you. All news pieces submitted to our service must be ready to publish. There should be no spelling, grammar or other editorial errors.

How long should my news piece be?
     We won't ask you to keep your news piece to a certain amount of words, but please curb yourself to as many words it takes to describe your news and be done with it. Pieces that are too wordy may be rejected. Click here to see an example of a small and a large update.

Should I write in first or third person?
     You may write your news article in first or in third person. Gravitywell will reject any article which pretends to be the opinion of Gravitywell.

Does Gravitywell publish news about Adult Content?
     Gravitywell will publish news updates dealing with content that has artistic value. Gravitywell will not publish news and carry URLs for sites which are blatant pornography and or carnage. Generally speaking, content with artistic value will have a story. Comic books and strips filled with excessive violence and sexual content with no meaning, purpose or intent have no artistic value, and we will not carry the URL or the news piece. We reserve the right to judge for ourselves what is and what isn't artistic. Generally speaking, we are very open minded. If you are not sure, please e-mail us and we'll have a look.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the updates posted?
There is no specific deadline for updates, they are posted a minimum of once daily with the Gravitywell Update, and many times more during the day.

How long do the updates stay up?
Updates stay on-line no less than one day, but usually a week or more. We suggest you continue updating, daily readers don't visit sites that haven't updated.

Who can submit updates?
Any site, by a fan, amateur or professional that deals with comic books, comic strips, manga, anime, Hong Kong "Manga", video games, sports, cartoons & Furry stuff is welcome to publish updates to our site. We will be expanding our categories as the demand for the different genre rise.
We currently accept submissions from companies that create production materials.